Friday, June 17, 2011

Bangs Head On Desk

Ok. I've got the picture book done. It's great. It's incredibly good. It's unique. It's cute. Yadayadayada.

I've got the 'generic' cover letter written. 

But after all these years of conferences, workshops and such, I still don't know how to find a 'real' person at a publishers' house. 

I've been fortunate in finding publishers who will take unsolicited books, but I want desperately to have a name to send it to. I think it only good manners.

I have been on the net for days/weeks/hours looking. I went to blogs that I've been following. All to no avail

So - I'm going to go back and pull out all the handouts I've been given over the years and try to figure out what to do.

I'm also going to email friends and such and harangue them into having pity on me. Ah - perhaps inviting an unsuspecting author out for coffee.......

Life is frustratingly wonderful.


  1. What about the names of the publishers you spoke to directly? Or am I oversimplifying? Wouldn't be the first time. How about asking your local reference librarian? They frequently have access to references the general public wouldn't know was available.

  2. Oh! I forgot about the editors from last fall's SCBWI conference. I have their names. I do have the name from the most recent conference for Chronicle Books. That is who I'm planning on sending the MS out to first.

    Thanks for the reminder. And also the tip about my local library!