Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chewing On Her Cud

Honestly, there are times when I swear I'm like a cow with a wad of grass in my mouth and just chewing away....

Characters keep changing - sometimes growing, sometimes fading. I hate the little moments of 'sick stomach' when I know I don't know who that person is who just popped in. The main character gets a wee bit 'tame' and I've got to use a jolt of electricity or something to get her/him exciting again.

I suppose, as human beings, we feel that way sometimes. We just meander about, wondering where we are and what we're doing. Perhaps I should USE that and let the character just wander - for a VERY short time! I think that would work.

I've been watching kids a lot lately - you know the age bracket that the kids in 'Blue' are - it is interesting and a bit scary. Kids can be so deep. They harbor all kinds of stuff. And yet, they are like skiffs on the lake when a storm comes up - not sure how to save themselves.

I certainly hope I can 'save' my character.... AND there is always hope!

Life is interesting.

1 comment:

  1. You will not only save your character, but you'll learn something new about them. :-)