Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm probably insane - but I don't keep notes on my stories, my books. Not notes on what is happening.

I do keep notes on research I will need further on. I keep a timeline. I keep a character listing, but I don't keep notes. Oh, oh! I draw maps!

It's not because I'm not writing - I write more than one book at a time. It's just that the books become so familiar to me that I don't seem to need notes. 

At least - that's what I thought until I was doing a re-read tonight of 'Blue.' 

It dawned on me that I must read every chapter probably 100 - 200 times, maybe more. The story becomes ingrained in my soul. I know what has to be completed. Points that are brought up in the beginning of the story cling to my mind. By the end of the tale, the points are brought together, the arcs are closed, the mysteries are solved. 

I truly believe, now, that it's because of the revision process. I feel like hitting myself on the forehead and saying, "Duh!" I have so often 'fought' the revision process, and here it goes and saves my butt.

Life is interesting.

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  1. Definitely and interesting observation worth noting.