Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've hated not being able to write on here. Very glad the site is back up and running!

My friends returned and we spent the entire evening talking about writing. It's an incredible feeling - having someone to share hopes and dreams, failures and faults with. We shared about favorite stories and characters and such. A whole long evening just smothering each other with joy. 

This capped off a great day. It was volunteer day at the local art gallery. I got a truckload of writing done. The best part was - I was at a horrible impasse in the story, with no inkling as to how to 'carry on,' when the writing just flowed.

A friend told me she had read that if you write in a setting with 'creative vibes' - such as an art gallery or a library - the 'karma' of the artists around you will flow into your work. I think it might be true. I can always count on a prolific and profitable writing time whilst sitting at the welcome desk.

Life is good!

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