Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ah! I found a great blog posting about editing. He calls it revising. Perhaps that's a better word for it. Take a look.

As for me, I just signed up for an intense three-day workshop on children's picture books. Now that I've done it, I sit back and wonder - how on earth can you spend three days on a two-hundred word book?!? Boggles my mind. I've revised and revised and revised the little thing. I can't think of a word that needs changing - but they'll tell me, won't they? *g*

I've got baboons cavorting. My daughter-in-law says that might be a bit much for a little one. I love to give my little one new, exciting words. She always asks what they mean. We have a delightful time cavorting and then she'll never forget the word. I think, though, that it's a good suggestion. I will bet you odds on the dollar that will be one thing the attendees at the workshop will suggest changing! *g*

Got to remember all four principles - especially - Don't Take It Personally.

There will be a publisher there for individual meetings. Not for pitching the book, but for sharing working in children's literature. I am looking forward to that - not expecting, though. I do hope to get a glimpse into someone who is in 'that' world and see what they say.

Life is interesting, even if revised.

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  1. Life is all about revising, or we'd never change. ;-D