Friday, May 6, 2011


I've been sitting here trying to figure out if I am too wordy.

I'll explain. I've written quite a bit on Blue the last few days... but the stuff doesn't ring true. I feel like I'm delving way too deep for my character. She/he has been through quite a bit - almost drowning twice, having a nose broke, turning into an otter - lots of action during the two days of the 'tryouts.'

Now - I've been writing a lot of dialogue that tells of the.. AH HA! Perhaps that is why it hasn't been 'ringing true.' I've been telling. Yup - that could be it. I'll go back and look.

BUT - the introspection seems to be a lot. I'm beginning to wonder if, when I'm not sure what to write next, the little mind grasps at 'trivialities' or 'fillers' to keep going until the Muse gets off her butt and lets me know what's going on.

Of course, with the editing process, I'm sure I'll cut a lot out. Ah, the wondrous editing process.

I think I'll just put the stuff I've written onto Word, forget about it for a bit, and then get back to it in a couple of days. To see what I've been mumbling about.

Life is interesting.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan. I do that too, sometimes.