Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baring My Soul

I'm beginning to get a little nervous. I bare my soul at a conference soon. By that, I mean I am bringing one of my stories (a picture book about giraffes). I will be showing it to a publisher. Sharing it with three editors. Opening myself up to group comments - intensive - 3-day thingee.

Sometimes I think I must be mad. Writing is such a personal thing. One of the traits, I've been told, that writers must possess is courage. Yup - I can believe it.

The picture book is pretty good. I like it. Those I've shared it with like it. But, as usual, it doesn't fit the 'norm.' I don't fit the norm so why on earth anyone would think my writings would are as insane as I.

I do love life. I love writing.

Life is, and always will be, interesting.


  1. Hopefully you will be able to take everything in stride while still retaining your sense of pleasure with your work -- whether or not they approve of it. It definitely takes courage to face the criticism (constructive or otherwise) of people who may very well not "get" what you are trying to introduce them to with your writing. Their loss, if they don't get it. ;-)