Monday, May 23, 2011

Conference - Part Two

I sent in a copy of my Giraffe book sometime before the conference. An editor read it and made comments. Got it back on Friday night of the conference. There were good comments. Though the admonition was still there to take it out of poetry. For the nonce, I refuse. I love the rolling quality of it. Like gentle waves on some beach, bathed in the glow of a setting sun.

The suggestion for stories that were not 'picked up' by editors - take it to magazines. I thought that might be a good option for the Giraffes since it looked like the general consensus was - it wouldn't be accepted (as poetry) by a publisher. When I told my daughter, her face fell. First time I felt she truly understood my writing. Intense and wondrous moment. 

As we sat there, the first night, Laurie Knowlton said, if you’re going to write poetry, it must be the best. Meter must be…..

METER – my mind jumped up and shouted, “I remember meter! I remember the markings! I can do this!” I spent the rest of Friday night busily putting meter marks on ‘Giraffes.’ 

When I presented it Saturday night, still incomplete, the meter was running well. *g* The editor who had read the book before the conference seemed impressed (I fervently hope I read her correctly) and said the book was much stronger. There was a librarian in the group and she heartily endorsed it. Said it would be perfect for reading to the little ones. This is the third librarian who has said it was perfect for her.

Truly a good feeling. I once again feel hope for the Giraffes. I’m finishing up the meter changes and am going to send it out. God help me!

Life is excruciatingly interesting!


  1. I remember your early days of writing when you tended to avoid poetry -- but as you got more into writing, you stopped avoiding it ans started writing it, and now look. Your very first published piece could very well be poetry with a meter. Go for it!

  2. An unexpected blessing! Whoohoo!! Go Giraffes!