Saturday, May 7, 2011

Serious talk

Went to my writers' group and had a great discussion about 'When did I put myself last?'

Great question. As an author, I've got to remember that. I've got to remember to think of me as I do my kids. To think of my stories, as I do my kids. To think of my future as I do my kids. (They are the ones who have been FIRST forever.)

I truly think this is another way of thinking of one of the Four Agreements. #1... Be Impeccable With Your Word. Which means that anything I say about anybody is true and good. ESPECIALLY words that have to do with me. Only speak with truth about myself. And make sure it is TRUTH.

It is difficult to even consider the fact that I will be published. So many 'nay sayers' tell me differently. I'm pretty sure the same has happened to you.

I won't listen to them. I will put myself first. I will speak only positively about myself and my books and my hopes for publishing.

Go ahead - try it. And share that positiveness with others.

Life is positively interesting!

PS - please don't be concerned about my kids - they are grown and out of the house and happy!


  1. :-) I spent a good part of the day with a friend yesterday, who kept saying, "When your book is published..." It really helped to hear her say it, because it's awfully hard for me to say it.