Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

I try not to bring subjects to this blog that are not writing concentric. 

The reason I posted about the problem with another writer was to remind myself that a professional blog is not for dissing people. That issues has been resolved. I personally think because of the Four Agreements. But that's me.

Professional - now that's a term that I ran into at my last conference. There were folks who were talking about writers and then there were folks who were talking about 'professional' writers. It quickly became apparent that the difference lies in being published.

I had to laugh because titles seem to mean so much to people. A group I belong to once discussed (for hours) the difference between a writer and an author. The consensus was that authors are published.

For myself - I consider myself a professional because I spend a lot of time writing, going to conferences, being a member of writers' groups, and generally focusing on my writing and getting published.

I think Dr. Seuss would have considered himself a professional author even before he was published. Nobody tries 99 times if he doesn't consider himself a professional author.

At least - that's my thoughts on it. I refuse to be labeled anything but what I am. I am a writer. I am an author. I am a professional. Eventually *g* the world will see this.

Life is free of titles.


  1. LOL!! According to RWA (Romance Writers of America), I am a PRO, which is someone who has actually completed a manuscript, submitted it, and been rejected. If you're published, you're a PAN. :-)

  2. Whoo hoo - so if you've been rejected more than once - what are you??? ROTFL

    By the by - is PAN an acronym for anything in particular?

    thanks for the 'clarification' and the laugh.

  3. PAN ~ Published Authors Network.