Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Hope

Back to the old publishing thoughts....

Having a good relationship with your local librarian, I think, is a good thing. Also, though they are few and far between, local book store owners/buyers can be a wealth of information.

The age of mega bookstores has put a crimp in the information highway. It is difficult to network when the personnel change with such frequency as the one by me. Well, I say one, but there are two, at the moment. The one is going bust - which I do find sad.

Some would say it is because of the instant books I can buy from the internet. I wonder if it is greed. I wouldn't think it was authors' greed, however! I know there are some mega authors out there - but the one's I hang around with would be grateful to just have their book in hardback. Those were the days.

The point of all this meandering thought is this - a bookstore owner/buyer has helped me regain faith in my writing and the publishing industry. She told a legitimate source close to me that poetry in children's picture books is well accepted by the industry and she encouraged me to submit my little 'giraffe' story. What welcome news! She even invited me to a conference (though full, she promised to help me 'get in').

Life is full of goodness.

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  1. GO YOU!!

    I don't miss going to the bookstore. I could never walk out without spending way too much! My fault. Amazon wish list helps me curb my spending. :-)