Friday, April 29, 2011

Ran Out Of Ink

Been traveling. Usually, when on a plane, I just can't write. I always try. Always bring along my folder and pens. But usually the 'stress' of flying keeps me from being able to focus.

Not this time. Perhaps the fact that both flights were VERY long helped. Whatever happened, Im grateful. Wrote for an hour on the first plane and an hour on the second. 

I'm sitting on the plane, enjoying the creativity.... and my pen runs out of ink. Now, I always carry more than one pen, but I decided to stop writing and wait for the trip to end. I'm going to enter it on the computer today or tomorrow.

One other thing - when I'm away from my writing for awhile, I find it 'odd' to restart. Most times, I go back and read what I've already done (just the last chapter) and then I close my eyes and try to envision what happens next. Really works every time.

This last bit was full of action, the next bit I thought would be to go to the next and final test for my poor hero/heroine. Not to be. The Muse decided it would be a time for retrospection. And it worked.

Honestly, writing can be such fun. Now that I've put all thoughts of publishing aside (I did that about 2 weeks ago), I find the joy of writing is back and am even having fun with editing.

Life is good.

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  1. I'm so glad you're having fun with it again!!