Monday, April 25, 2011

Boy Stories and Publishers

An article was posted at the New York Times -

I think it's gone viral, especially after this cartoon was posted.

After that, author George R.R. Martin, got into the fray.

My goodness - this does raise my hackles.

As you know if you've been following my blog, I'm in the midst of writing a dragons, castles, and wizards book. My editor likes it, but says I've got to make sure it caters to 'boys' - She says publishers want 'boy' stories. Supposedly, boys read fantasy/sf more than girls.

I could just scream.... I cut my teeth on Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Norton, and others. AND I AM FEMALE.

I'll not make you endure the flame of my wrath here....

I also wrote a children's picture book. Same editor loved the concept but told me I had to change it from poetry (couplets) to prose. Publishers don't 'take' picture books written in poetry anymore.

My editor is fluent in the ways of publishers. I love my editor, I really do. She only speaks what she knows. This NYT article confirms it!

I hate this! It feels like the publishing industry is contributing to the 'dumbing' of America. (I'd use dumbing down but that's redundant and I refuse to contribute to the aforementioned phenomena.)

Stand up and shout, women of fantasy/sf. Let your voices be heard by buying these books. From small publishers! Let the big publishing houses think it's because of the iPad or Kindle or some such!

Where woudl Harry Potter be if JK had listened to this kind of rubbish!

*steps off soap box*

(Phew - glad I got that off my chest!)

((thanks to modelnut for the links)

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