Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Is Crazy

I plan on spending the morning editing the scenes I've 'blown up.' (Three parts for editing: does it need trimming, cutting entirely, or blowing up further to make it fuller, richer.)

Had to go through emails and blogs I follow first. I found this great quote from Peter Jackson, filmmaker, multiple Academy Award winner, and entrepreneur. (Edited to make room for my own meanderings!)

We always find there are three distinct phases. First, it exists before the film starts shooting. Then you start shooting and things come more into focus -- actors bring their skill to the roles and we see the characters in a more vivid and tangible way -- constant script revisions to meet the renewed potential these characters now have. The third has to do with the final cutting.

I am inspired when I see that the different disciplines of art all use the same process. PJ's ruminations confirm that with another discipline. I've got artists friends whose modus operandi is the same, too.

So – what I do is write the draft. Set the characters. And then let them grow. Each editing phase fertilizes the characters and they become more than I ever expected. What a delight this is. To grow myself and learn who my characters really are, what they value, who they love, etc. is such fun. Hopefully, by the final edit there are no surprises left. My characters and I know each other in intimate detail.

Life is interesting - bold and fun.

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