Sunday, April 17, 2011


Worrying about points of view can really depress this writer. I am still learning the process. I’m still struggling. Sometimes other characters in the novel step on my toes and shout, “Hey, I’d like to say something.” I shoot them down, of course, but feel a wee sadness.

Something happened the other day that made me think further on the ‘correctness’ of keeping my POVs down to a minimum.

I love to give correct change. I don’t know why. It titillates me. When the bill is, say, $3.14, I love to give a five dollar bill, one dime and four pennies. That way, I can rid the little change purse of those annoyingly heavy coins AND receive paper money in return. It’s a bit of a game I play, too, to keep my math skills hopping.

I sometimes get annoyed if the clerk has difficulties realizing what I’m doing. Taking an extra minute to think about it has always made me wonder if folk’s math skills couldn’t be better.

I can be a snob. And I’m shown it time and again.

I volunteer at the local art gallery. Friday, the woman who works the counter couldn’t come in. I volunteered to help. Lo and behold, some woman comes up to buy a key chain and gives me ‘correct change.’ The piece was $12.97. She gave me $13 dollars and two pennies. I honestly couldn’t figure it out. She laughed with good nature and told me I owed her a nickel back.

Back to perspective – So because I think I know what’s happening and who it’s happening to and who it is that’s speaking – doesn’t mean I am communicating that to my readers.

I am chastised. But very happy.

Life is good. Humbling, but good.


  1. The common complaint about my WIP is that my POV is confusing. I think I've finally straightened that out, so now I'm working on the next problem: giving my heroine a purpose all her own. I empathize with her POV problem! And sometimes those "other" voices really have some good ideas! Augh!

  2. I have to give every character their chance to speak from their POV. I know people think it's not proper, but I don't care. ;-) I try to make sure they aren't switching POV's in the same paragraph, and that there's a break to let people know whose turn it is, but it's important to me to see things from different eyes within the same story.

    That said, I am working on a WIP now where I'm trying to keep it down to one POV. We'll see how it goes...

  3. Judy - I read somewhere that having the 'purpose' of saving the world is too broad. That bringing it down to the heart and soul of the character works better for readers and for publishers.

    Since then, I'm making sure I focus on the girl instead of the world. It still works!

    And slap those 'other' voices aside!

  4. Margaret - writing with only one POV is a great exercise. I have to laugh, though, because that is how 'Blue' started. As an exercise in honing my POVs.

    Now - I love the story and am having a ball writing only one POV. As much as the other characters would like to 'tear me away,' I refuse. It somehow has made the story more intense.