Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can be useful. Wrote four short stories for my Gdaughter while trying to sleep the other night. She loves them. Mysteries for seven-year olds.

Yes - I'm still writing  Haven't written anything on 'Blue' but I plan to remedy that tomorrow. I've got the day off and I am bound and determined to write another chapter. I have some chapter exploding to do, but I'll wait until I get the next chapter done.

Plan to update about the rest of the conference - but it's pretty intense and I've got to get up the temerity to put it out there.

Life is good - if you don't think too much!


  1. Sounds like a wise use of sleep deprivation.

  2. Sent the little stories off to Gdaughter's friend. Mother was delighted. She's into crafts. She said she's going to reformat them and put them into a book. So - published at last. ROTFL