Monday, April 18, 2011

Characters Revisited

As you well know, I hate editing. At least, I did.

Today, thinking upon character development, I discovered that editing can be fun - to a degree. Having to do it over and over, I get closer to my characters, to my story, and to the world I'm creating. It suddenly seemed fun, exciting, and worthwhile.

I can take worthwhile any day! Can't you?

A few folk wanted one of the characters named. Now, I was going to wait till towards the end of the book. The character is only important at the beginning and the end. So I didn't name her yet. Well, if folks needed her named - then perhaps I should do it, I thought.

Naming could be a posting all to itself. I found a name that 'matched' the names of those in the same family, same land, and found it worked. In fact, it was a surprise and I love it.

Ah - isn't that part of the joy of writing. The surprises that come to us out of the blue. (pun intended)

The character's name is Agrona - which means carnage. And carnage is the perfect name for the woman. She brings death and destruction to those under her care. I just love the irony of it all.

The finding of the name was pure chance - if I believed in pure chance. But I don't.

Ah, my friends, life is good.

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