Friday, April 1, 2011


Oh - I can't wait to have 'Finally' be a tittle that means the book (any one of them!) is published!

But for now

I got responses for the childrens' book and they are all positive and filled with exclamation marks! My daughter read it to my G daughter and the whole family was just entranced.

I really hope the publisher will get an illustrator that I like. I am thinking washed out watercolors... but who knows. The librarian thought cartoon characters would be great. I think the Babar characters are good. We'll see. Since I can't draw stick figures, I'm stuck with my publisher's choice.

As for Blue - I've committted to spend twelve hours writing it this weekend. I got some info on a man's 'thing' and so I can go back and enhance the chapters where it makes an impact.

Life is incredibly interesting. Bizarre - but interesting!

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  1. WHOOHOO!! One the children's book! Good for you!

    And good luck on the writing goal. It sounds reasonable.