Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writing Little Things

I really have to giggle. I know from writing drabbles (little hundred word stories) that writing a short story can be harder than writing a long story (sometimes).

I wrote a children's book and sent it off to some friends for comment. I didn't hear from anyone (I had forgotten to send the attachment - shees!).....

In the midst of printing it out and again editing it, I went to the library. While there, I thought to myself (I do that quite often) - 'I wonder if the childrens' librarian would read this and give me her feedback. After all, she does do storytime with the little ones.'

I got up my courage (one of the things a writer really needs) and presented her with the MS. I told her she could get back to me, but she pulled out her reading glasses and read it right then and there. It's only about 300 words.

She loved it. Said she would definitely read it to the preschool groups. She suggested I consider a different ending, as I had the hippos shouting at the giraffes. She said little ones prefer happy endings and calm. LOL

I got a great ending to it after much struggle. Hours spent on three little couplets! But well worth it. I think the ending is great. Bless that dear librarian.

I'm going to present it at a SCBWI function in May. Can't wait now.



  1. Yay! I'm glad you decided to show it to her, that sounds like great advice from someone experienced in what children like to hear. Are you going to illustrate it, or get someone else to do it?