Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Bane

Paperwork is my bane.

I can't stand the mailman. He brings bills and all kinds of 'stuff' that keep me from sleep and such. The pile on the table grows too large to see out the window (a small exaggeration).

I find it incredibly laughable that I have chosen to write. Do you know how much paper is involved in writing? Even with computers. My little office is jammed with drafts and notes and books for research. (Never for reading, for reading takes time and there's none of that anymore!) And the legal yellow pads!

Today was going to be my 'full-on' writing day. I love the weekends cause I do get to concentrate for hours at a time on my writing. The papers on the dining room table are telling me different. Time to do some bills, else the electricity to run the computer will stop. Among other things.

So I will leave this note. Do your bills as soon as you get them. Pitch the junk mail. Don't hide under your bedcovers. The bills and stuff will not go away. They propagate like bunny rabbits.

But most importantly - write every day. Otherwise, your little typing fingers will atrophy and the dust on the keyboard will be so deep you can't make them work.

Ah - life is interesting!

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  1. LOL!!! I have my email send me a reminder on the day to pay bills, then I don't have to try to remember the other days. I've read in several self-help books and articles that when the mail comes in, you only touch it once or twice: It either goes in the recycling or it goes in the proper place. I have a spot for my bills, and as soon as they're opened (to double check cost and date due) they go in that spot. Yes, the mundane things do have a way of demanding attention, no matter what! I really loved the multiplying like bunnies and the dust too thick on the keyboard. :-)