Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tempers Flare

Don't take it personally. This is my mantra, most days.

Even from the Muse. If she tells me something, I've got to figure she doesn't mean to be mean - she just knows what has to be written. She's always right.

Today at my little writers group, it got a ltitle heated. And for no reason. Short tempers. How could that happen on a glorious day like today? The sun was shining - the first time in way too long. There was a good mix of people there. We're all friends, more or less.

As I said on an earlier post, the meetings have changed. Today we read a 'fixed' version of one of the women's entries. The moderator said last week that this woman tended to write in more of a timeline fashion. The mod felt the story needed to be more 'subject' oriented. I believe she was right.

So - and this is very unusual - the mod took it home and cut and paste the six pages and brought it back today. She read the 'changed' MS and it was better, clearer. The author was happy with it.

I liked that. I am surprised at the flavor of the meetings as of late. I like it. I'm wondering though if some of the members are having trouble with change. I hope it clears up soon. I really like this group.

One nice thing I discovered from this 'incident.' I didn't feel attacked (though the 'altercation' had NOTHING to do with me - I tend to 'take on' others pain). I didn't feel uneasy during the rest of the meeting. I could let it go. I didn't feel guilty that I didn't jump to one or the other's defense. I just sat back and waited for it to blow over. And it did. Apologies were forthcoming from both parties. Grudgingly. We are such interesting people.

Life is good.

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