Friday, March 18, 2011

Changes In Writers' Group

One of my writers groups has shifted from three critique groups to two.

The first group is for those who can't commit to submitting or critiquing on a monthly basis. They submit and attend when they are able.

The second group is for those on the 'fast track,' those who commit to once a month critiquing and submitting every two months.

The change has meant that the second group now has eight members in it, compared to six. This makes a tremendous difference. First, this means I've got eight people looking at my work. A good thing: the more the merrier.

On the other hand, it means the time for each member's critique is shortened. Also, the time to go over their suggestions is pretty impactful. Seven critiques is a lot, especially if their comments are numerous. (I cross fingers in hopes that I don't have too many red marks!)

Today, I finally finished last week's critiques. I only had six to go through. I'd already read through them once after the meeting. Now, I delved deeply into making the changes in my 'drarft.' Took me an hour solid, with no interruptions. (I love volunteering at the art center - they don't get a lot of traffic yet, it's too new.)

Tonight, I hope to make the changes I decided were noteworthy to my computer file. As I said before, there is the dilemma of too much or too little description.

I've decided that the need, by my critiquers, for more detail is perhaps a good thing. This means, I think, that they are hooked on the story and want more. Which is a VERY good thing.

So I'm leaving it pretty much the way it was and hoping that their interest will continue as I further expose the tale.

This is fun and exciting.

Life is good.

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Good for you taking advantage of it!