Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Did Write

I haven't paid the bills yet. 

But I did write out my childrens' picture book. I'm going to a writers' conference in May. One of the 'perks' - you get to give your MS to an editor or a publisher.

I wrote it down - it's a little story I've been telling my own little one. She loves it and asks for it all the time. It didn't take too long to write down - BUT - life is interesting - the Muse decided she wanted it to rhyme.

Also, I read an article in this month's SCBWI news. It was about the power of three. Really - I found that the title has three words in it; I changed the giraffes to be three instead of a whole herd; and I ended it with three words. We'll see if 'three' really has power (though it has always been my lucky number!).

Now I've got my work table cleaned off and I am going to pull the pile of paperwork off the dining room table and put it on the work table.

Tomorrow morning - come heck or high water - I will ... hmm - what else can I do to procrastinate? I know! Church! Then breakfast! Writing at the restaurant! Library to print out a couple chapters.

Maybe I can do the bills tomorrow evening.......

Life is complicated.


  1. LOL!!

    How exciting that you have the opportunity to give your MS to an editor or publisher!

  2. "What i tell you three times is true"... Lewis Carroll toys with the "rule of three" a bit in his works. Apparently if you hear something three times, you will remember it/think it's true or something like that.
    Anyway-- Good luck with the story!