Sunday, March 6, 2011

Odd Few Days

I can't believe I haven't been here since Wednesday.

Did a lot of writing one day this week, but can hardly remember when it was. Flooding of basements can do that to a mind! I haven't had the time to transpose it to a word document. Wrote on my handy-dandy little notepad. Very happy with what was written. I'm pretty sure Chapter 13 is now complete (along with Chapter 12.)

Went to Writers Ink on Saturday and had a great time. Lots of sharing and good camaraderie. I'm hoping to make my other group on Wednesday. We'll see if the babysitter comes through.

A seminar is coming up in April. I'll see the woman who's running it this Saturday. I'm hoping there is still room left for me to sign up. Les Roberts will be there. I enjoy his mysteries.

Sent off Chapters Ten and Eleven of 'Blue' to the Skyline Writers Group. I get critiqued again this Saturday, which is great for me.

Some quote on my old boss' wall said: Invest in yourself. Though seminars can be costly, if it helps my writing, then it's worth it. Got my fingers crossed, but no expectations!

Life is good.


  1. Ack! Sorry to hear about the basement flooding! Very happy to hear about the completed chapters!

  2. Me too - on the story - not on the basement.

    I've got to sit down and write out that chapter - this is insane - but my time is not my own. You know what I mean!