Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changes for the Good

Changes came into my life around the end of December and I had to drop out of one of my writers groups. They meet during the day and I was no longer free. Recently, I found a babysitter - and went to the meeting today.

Great idea - I am so glad I went. I've known these writers for about a year now and they have become supporters and friends. I hope they know they are supported by me.

The meeting usually started with a ten minute exercise. These have always been fun in the past. I never knew I could write about 'anything.' I thought I could only write one genre. This group helped me open up and push myself into more. We then read what we've written... usually can't get a lot done in ten minutes, but it's fun to read my stuff out loud. I get some really good comments which help me push even further the next time.

The group has 'grown' - or something - since last I was there. Before, after the ten minute exercise and reading, we'd then share something else we've written (under 600 words), get a quick comment or two at the most, and then we'd go onto the next submission. A little unsatisfying, but what the heck.

Today, we delved deeper into each submission. It was great. We were specifically looking at the arc in a story. Lot of learning for only two and half hours.

Very glad I was able to get back to this group. First, for the growth of my own writing and confidence in it, and secondly, for the learning.

Life is good!


  1. I wish I could join your group! It sounds wonderful. :-)

  2. It has its drawbacks. I find I am better off not sharing 'Blue' with the group. The feedback is generally nice but superficial. I need more. So I am only doing the exercises and sharing those. That way, I don't get all grumpy. *giggles* But they really are a gentle and caring group. Which is incredibly nice. No politics here. No ego. Just joy at writing.