Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Les Roberts Rocks

The headliner for this past week-ends conference was world-renowned myster writer, Les Roberts. He's written (I hope this is correct) 25 books. A new one is coming out as we speak. And another one is due out this fall. The man is prolific. Check out his website:

Spent a lot of Friday evening talking with him. It was great talking to a 'real' author - one who didn't mind spending time with a fan who just ooh'd and aah'd over what it must be like to be published and successful. A good man all the way around.

1) An important thought - hang in there! He said it took the guy who wrote the Hannibal Lector book 27 tries to get it published.

2) Write about what you're interested in. Not so much about what you know. You can always learn new stuff.

3) Carry a notebook or a tape recorder and write down everything. Thoughts about characters, overheard conversations at the local coffee shop, what people look like, etc.

Too much going on lately. But I'll be posting again tomorrow with some more stuff from the week-end. I know it's not appropriate to tell all, but a few sharings shouldn't be a problem - besides that - they jog my memory! And I could use memory jogging. *g*

Life is good.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, especially since I couldn't be there! :-)