Friday, May 31, 2013


Oprah at Harvard - Commencement address (see youtube link below.)

Extend yourself in kindness. That is the true message. A speech of hope.   The single most important thing - common denominator for people - we want to be validated - we want to be understood. 

Oprah has done over 35,000 interviews. When the mike is turned off - everyone turns to her and asks - "Was that ok?" From Pres. Bush to Pres. Obama, from heroes, housewives, victims, perpetrators of crimes, to Beyonce - everyone asks. Everyone wants validation. 

Oprah said it is imperative that we walk in each other's shoes. Go for face to face interaction. Put down the cell phone for a moment. 

She said there's a light inside each of us that illuminates our very human beingness if we let it. 

Only one goal - to fulfill the highest expression of myself as a human being - max out my humanity - lift myself up, my family, and the people around me   discover who I want to be

So much of her speech rang true with me. Especially as a writer. It's a great speech. Check it out if you can. I don't do it justice here.

In the meantime, my writing buddy read my synopsis and made some great comments. Back to the drawing board. We'll see each other next week. I hope to have the synopsis ready for her second perusal. She's still working on her character bios. 

I'm going to try to go to a writers meeting tomorrow. I've not been there for a few years, but I'm being called back, I think. *g*

Life is validation.

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