Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My daughter-in-law sent back her 'tweaked' versions of my letters to publishers. She did it well. She rid it of superfluous words and strengthened the important ones. I really like what she did with it. I'm going to work on them tomorrow, put in the next address, and send it off. This is for 'Sorrysorrysorry,' but the experience is invaluable in what I'll be doing the rest of my life -- marketing my books.

The last chapter of 'Blue' is turning into a quagmire. Since I am deleting the four following chapters, I want to make sure I end the chapter with all the pieces/parts connected. I want to make sure I answer all the questions I've posed from the beginning. I need to make sure character growth is rampantly visible. 

I had hoped edit # 17 would be it, but there have been so many changes in the last ten chapters that I know I must go back and reread the whole book and make sure all of the above are taken care of and that the ending is not too 'quick' so that my readers aren't trying to find the lost pages. :)

Had an incredible time with my writing buddy on Friday. I left her a vm today about the progress I've made over the last ten days. These little moments of celebration -- I am starting to enjoy them.

I sent out the last couple chapters of 'The Other Side' to my Skyline group. We'll meet on Saturday. I can't wait. I've not spent anytime on this story since the mega editing began, but I read it over last night and I still like it - a lot!

Horror stories are coming out now that the kidnapped girls have been rescued. This real life story is so much more than any fiction writer could make it. Pray for the three girls that, though they had the courage and tenacity to survive their decade-long captivity, that they harness even greater courage as they begin to heal.

Life is healing.

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