Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm stuck on 'C' words at the moment. 

My writing buddy inspires me. She has such courage. She works full time, gets up at 5am to write, and then spends her week-ends at the zoo or the art museum writing more. I'm in awe.

Courage is writing at the crack of dawn. Courage is sharing, being rebuffed, and continuing to write. Courage is getting rejection after rejection and 'putting it in a shoe box' *** for autographing and selling when you become a best selling author.

Courage is reading until you're blue in the face. Courage is opening up your mind and heart and learning, learning, learning.

Courage is trusting that you will prevail. Courage is reminding yourself that your are good. Courage is never quitting.

*** See this awesome interview at WD of James Lee Burke.
And James' FB page.

Had expected to be writing about curiosity but the James Lee Burke interview set me off on a different direction. Now isn't that the way with writers? We are easily swayed. *g*

Life is courage.