Thursday, May 30, 2013

Synopsis - Again

Finished my synopsis but it's four pages (after formatting). Too long, I think. It's hard to say because there are differing viewpoints of how a synopsis should be formatted. This makes it tough. Writing a synopsis is mind-boggling and body-draining. To have to fight through scores of ideas for synopses is even harder. But - plow through I must.

I have been writing about my synopsis (because I've been working on it almost since day one of writing the book) on this blog for a long time. I went back and found some of the relevant posts. I'm offering the links that I've found. 

As with all things writing, there are a truckload of different ideas for what a synopsis should contain and what a synopsis should look like (formatting). Most experts say, read the guidelines from the publisher or agent that you're going to send it to, and then write it like that.

In my mind's eye, that's like cutting off your leg to spite your face. If you wait until you are ready to send the synopsis out before you write it, you are creating a whole world of problems. A synopsis cannot be written in five minutes. I've been writing mine for years. My writing buddy has spent at least a hundred hours on hers. 

The experts say a synopsis should be alive and unique and grab the publisher/agent. To do that, you've got to spend time with it. Lots of time with it. 

I found a notation where I wrote that you should make a five-minute synopsis, a one paragraph synopsis, a one page synopsis, and a four or five page synopsis - just in case. Holy crimeny, Batman! 

I'm writing a four-pager and a two-pager.  I figure my 'hook' will work for the five-minute synopsis, if I have to use one. Again, remember to get the guidelines for the publisher or agent where you're sending the synopsis. But being prepared as best you can, is the best bet. 

Here's the promised links.

I'm going to print them all out and give them serious thought. Again, there are a truckload of different opinions. Take each with a grain of salt and then, be bold and write. 

Here's a link to one of my older posts that I thought is pretty informative.

Life is a synopsis.

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