Sunday, May 5, 2013

Marketing 101

I took college courses in writing and business administration. Now I wish I'd taken a couple in marketing. My sweet daughter-in-law, though, is coming to the rescue. We celebrated the Kentucky Derby Saturday night with hats and bourbon drinks and much laughter. Though the person we rooted for did not win, we still had a great time. Once the race was won (good grief - it only takes about two minutes as the culmination of a lifetime of work!!!), we talked about this and that.

She brought up my book and I told her about the difficulty I had with writing the cover letters. She is in the midst of writing press releases towards a certain goal. She told me that she is concentrating on making sure the press releases she sends out are 'outside of the box.' She suggested I try that with my cover letters. 

We've all read the 'rules' and such that publishing houses say they want submittors to follow when they send an MS. Well, I think my DIL has the right idea. I'll follow the rules, to a degree, but I'm pretty sure I know which way I'll go with the next set of letters. My DIL suggested I send her the letters I've used. I did that late last night. Can't wait to hear what she thinks of them. But they are all formula-type letters.

She is also going to help me get optimum exposure with my blog and with facebook. I hadn't realized she has a lot of experience with blogging. She doesn't have her own, but for her business, she does. It will be interesting to see what happens. In fact, I'm pretty stoked!

The link is from a friend. You know I like finding things that will help different aspects of my writing. I think this will be useful. However, the book must be bought and there is a 'companion' piece that I've heard  is good, too.
Life is marketing. 

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