Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Lord!

I was tempted to put MIA as the title for this post, but somehow it seemed inappropriate and callous. MIA was created, I believe, to stand for Missing In Action. I just can't sully such a concept by using it for not posting to my blog. Enough said.

Sorry I've been away. There was really no intention of stopping writing. For all intents and purposes, I found I had. All writing. (Though, of course, 'Blue' and her characters kept shouting at me.)

Sitting here trying to figure out what happened. 

I think it's because of the last critique I received. The changes suggested are small ish.... but enough to boggle my mind, in the sense that I will have to go back and edit the first chapters.

Now - editing is a blessing and a privilege. It means I've written something that I think is good enough to try to get published. (Wouldn't need to edit if it was for me alone.) 

However, the first thirty chapters I had thought were of the quality meant to be sent off to agents and publishers. 

I see now that the critiquer is correct. I have to make these changes and additions. The action parts are too short. I've got to add more description.

I'm disheartened and yet, looking on the positive, bright side of this, I'm happy because I know 'Blue' will be even better and more fun to read.

It's just the thought of going backwards.... No! I'm going forwards. Every edit is a forward motion.

So - bear with me. I'll restart the engines and go forward. 

Life is looking forward.


  1. Still working on finishing 'Blue' before I go back to make the edits, but I'm going to try to remember them as I write the last chapters. Bless you for always commenting. You are beloved!