Wednesday, October 17, 2012

# 8 Signs

Driving down the street during an election year (and when isn’t it an election year), I found a self-evident truth.  WAIT – this is not about politics, honest!

Most tree lawns have one or two signs. Some have six or seven. Those signs are the ones I’m talking about. If I look at the main sign (say the presidential race), I get the idea of what the lawn owner believes in. Now – that means that the rest of the people whose signs litter that lawn have about the same beliefs. So I don’t have to research (well, I still do but this gives me a definite leg up.) All the people on the lawn kind of follow the same philosophy and believe in the same values.

WRITING – I told you this wasn’t about politics. I am trying to make the same thing true in my book. I look at my characters and those who hang out together. They should pretty much share the same likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc. If they don’t, then I best have shown why. For ‘Blue,’ I know that Kathleen and her friends, though from disparate cultures, still have the same beliefs, follow the Code of Chivalry, and guard each others’ backs. For my antagonists, ah ha! They should be doing the same.

I’ve been tempted to put sticky notes all over my walls. Have one wall be protagonists, another antagonists, another sundry characters. It might make my life easier. I used to be known as the sticky note person at one job. I now use spreadsheets and notes at the bottom of my chapters to keep me in sync. But sticky notes have an allure. Ah, bright yellow or pink all over my mauve walls. Nice.

Some other stuff I found as I searched for signs.

A sign is something which stands to somebody for something in some respect or capacity. From ‘Signs of Writing’ by Roy Harris.

'Six Signs It’s High Time To Give Up Writing. That teetering tower of rejections,' In my mind, if you’ve got a teetering tower of rejections, that means you’ve got brass, chutzpah, and a fair amount of passion. I wouldn’t think it was time to give up if I had the guts to keep sending out letters. Hurray for you!

One that’s pretty self evident is 'DailyWritingTips 12 Signs and Symbols You Should Know.' I expected things like signs an editor uses. Not so. These are asterisk, the cent sign (you can’t even find the cent sign on a modern keyboard) and others. Not very substantial page, but I’ve liked some articles I’ve read here, like the '35 Synonyms for ‘Look.’ I do so love synonyms. I’m compiling my own list.

Life is signage.

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