Thursday, October 25, 2012

#13 Consistency

Consistency - agreement or harmony of all parts of a complex thing among themselves, or of the same thing with itself at different times. Wow! Doesn't this definition say it all for writing?

Today, as often happens, I discovered a small inconsistency in 'Blue.' I think I spend a good deal of my time laughing at myself. If I didn't laugh, I think I'd be hitting myself over the head with a hammer. 

I finished a bunch of chapters, just as I had thought, but when I put them down in the 'Progress' column, I noted that I hadn't finished as many as I had thought. Well - I really had. I just put the numbers of the chapters incorrectly. I had two Ch. 42's and two Ch. 43's as their titles. Needless to say, I've corrected that in the MS and in the Progress column.

And - I am about jumping for joy, for it means I'm further along than I thought. I wrote a little more than half of Ch. 44 today. It looks pretty good, but I'm starting to get a bit shell-shocked at the pace.

I think I'll have to put up a post-it note (yup, I've started doing that) with exactly what chapter I'm on. As well as all the other things. Because this is a magic-induced universe, I find I have to constantly go to my notes pages to find out exactly what color pine trees are. Orange, BTW. So a post-it note is on my right with the colors of the things that are not 'our' colors.' It is saving so much time.

I finished a spreadsheet with the numerology characteristics of my friends in 'Blue.' It's complicated because there are four numbers (and this is only a short look into numerology) for each of the characters. But it has been worth it. 

You might think I would know my characters. And I really do. But this 'naming' has opened up my eyes to deeper characteristics, both positive and negative, and should truly make the characters even more alive. 

Life is joy.

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