Monday, October 15, 2012

# 7 Progress

Whoo hoo! Chapter Forty is complete and now resides to your left in my Progress column. Ch. Forty-one is now empty, but I know exactly what it covers. Ch. Forty-two is 2/3 done as is Ch. Forty-three. Getting very close to the ending. Well, of the writing of the draft. Shees! But that is a good thing.

So my thought for today is Progress. I guess it's kind of like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Take each forward progress and rejoice in it. Then look at the next part. But only once you've had a tea party of congratulations for yourself. I think one of the best things I ever did was to create the Progress column on this blog. It is a constant reminder that 'Blue' is getting there. That I am making progress even in the midst of strokes of writer's block, or correcting errors, or adding to an already completed chapter. Keeping progress public also creates accountability to someone besides myself. And that is a good thing, too. 

Here's a neat blog I found to help you track the number of words you are writing. It's a fun blog. However, I don't track words as much as chapters. I have a specific number of words that I'd like each chapter to contain, but that is like chaff in the wind. If the chapter plot dictates more words, it's going to get them. If the chapter plot stops, then, word count or no, I'm stopping..

Life is progress.

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