Monday, October 22, 2012

# 11 Cut And Paste

Watched CBS Sunday Morning. Insane story about plagiarism. In this day and age, with whistle-blowing software available, I was stunned to see blatant stealing of whole passages, not just sentences, stolen and used in a book which subsequently was published. These fake authors are now scarred for life. Who will believe that anything they write is their's? 

The ONLY thing I should cut and paste is my own writing. Everything else is stealing. These things come back and bite you. Truly. I've seen it over and over again. The one adage in my life is 'Do not lie.' Stealing is a rotten, smelly offshoot of lying. 

Be ethical. The same is true for sending out manuscripts to agents and publishers. I will not fudge my credentials. I will not lie on my cover letter. I will not even hint at anything that is a shaded lie, a half-truth.

On a lighter note, and filled with such joy I can hardly type, I finished Chapter Forty-two. Holy crumbs! So close to being done. And this chapter took a great turn, which I didn't expect, AND used something I had written of in a chapter many chapters before. *contented sigh* Goose bumps on my arms, dear friends!

Life is awesome.

PS - I seem to be getting better, too. Got on some more natural stuff and dropped one of my meds. Hoping to drop another one soon. 


  1. Whoohoo for being another chapter closer to finished.

    And glad you're able to drop one of the meds.

  2. Both are really important because they both impact my health! Thanks for the encouragement.