Friday, October 12, 2012

#5 Grammar

Found a succinct place for the lay - lie grammar problem. I was sure I was rock solid when it came to these verbs, but when I started to write seriously, I found I too often questioned myself. I think this will help in those moments of confustication.  My goodness, I love the English language.

Been having a truly difficult time with pain the last few days. That condition causes my writing to shriek to a halt. Furrowing my brow does nothing to promote character development or story arc or anything sane. I'm not sure what's caused my condition to flare, but I'm drinking lots of water and taking vitamins and supplements to try to quell it.

As for 'Blue,' I'm forcing myself to write through the pain. Perhaps my poor heroine is in pain. Yeah. That's the ticket. She's in pain and I've got to feel it so I can write it. Balderdash! If that's the case, I'll just drown her and get on with my life.

I find that 'Blue' is taking on a life of its own at the moment. I thought I was close to being done with Ch. 40, but that chapter will be too long. So I moved part of it to Ch. 41. However, Ch. 41 is now pretty much a full-blown chapter, so the part I thought was going to be Ch. 41 is now Ch. 42. 

If I can overcome some of the excess energy that is flowing around these chapters, and if I can focus on finishing each one, then I'll have three chapters done in no time at all. Wow! I'm pretty surprised, if I say so myself. 

I'm not sure how to explain this excess energy. I have written what normally would be each chapter, but I can tell there is more to be told in each one. Some bridges and more explanation and description. These chapters are full of action as they are the climax. Phew. I'm quitting for now, but I'll be back. Going for a nice calming cup of tea. And maybe some popcorn.

Life is popped.


  1. Take care of you... mmm... popcorn... love popcorn...

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if the popcorn may be the culprit. Had it a couple times this week. Haven't had any before this in a long time.

  3. Grammar Girl has helped me with this lay/lie problem - I'm bookmarking your link, as well.

    Sorry you are having trouble lately! Praying the pain subsides and you can concentrate on life and Blue properly!

  4. *scratches head* I wrote, she lay in bed. I'm pretty sure that's correct?