Sunday, October 28, 2012

Consistency (smiles)

My dear friends,

I know the last # I shared with you was consistency, but I've had a major problem. Too much writing.

*does happy dance around computer*

I've written five chapters in ten days!!! Good grief, I've been so excited, that I finally crashed on Saturday. I could hardly think never mind write. I finally pulled myself from the fog surrounding my brain and updated the timeline/synopsis for 'Blue.' Keeping track of this has been dizzying.

I find this fact interesting, for my very first book ever was a half a million word epic tale with about twenty characters who had major dealings with the main character. The venues were all over the place, and the plot twists kept me awake at night.

Yet, I didn't have as much trouble keeping track of that one, I think, as with 'Blue.' 

These last chapters are all part of the climax and the winding down of the tale, the bringing together of all the myriad pieces/parts that comprise the story, all the while keeping the ending from being a let down - both for me and my readers.

I'm exhausted. I'm praying tomorrow I'll be able to write Ch. 45. I think I only have about five chapters left, but I've got company coming for a Halloween party and I haven't done much in the way of cleaning yet. Though I will use moving living room furniture all over the place on Friday as an excuse for having no energy whatsoever for Saturday.

Life is exhausting.

Q. What kind of mail does a superstar vampire get? 
A. Fang mail.


  1. Congrats! Well done! Have fun!

  2. Many thanks! I know you know what it's like to finish a book. Life is good, isn't it? Bless you!