Saturday, October 6, 2012

#1 Self Doubt

The SCBWI conference in September, in my opinion, dwelt on the dangers of self doubt. I found a good article on the same by Chuck Sambuchino of Writers Digest. Link below. In a funny way, Chuck describes how self doubt can sound. This struck a chord with me. Believe me, I've heard all self doubt's lies. I think every writer has. My trick is to shake my head, literally, and pronounce myself and my writing - good. If you've got a trick that helps you overcome this author-destroyer, I'd love to hear it.

Now - for 'Blue.' I don't know why, but yesterday exploded with writing. I'm this close to finishing Chapter Forty. The team enters the castle in an attempt to rescue a friend and, needless to say, all heck breaks loose. Isn't that what's supposed to happen? *g* It was a fun chapter to write.

I told you about the huge amount of editing that sat on my lap the other day. It put me in a catatonic state. Sanity finally won out. I realize that I will use the new things I've learned (add more to my action scenes, add description) to the chapters that I'm working on now and in the future. When the time comes, and the book is complete (whoo hoo), I'll go back to the beginning and do the edits.  I think it's kind of like that adage, one day at a time. My mantra will be one chapter at a time. I can handle that. I can deal with that.

Life is good.

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