Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Know It Don't Come Easy

Thankfully, when I put my mind to it, the writing does come easy. 

As I told you a few days ago, I finished Ch. 36 and started on Ch. 37. Fate's a funny thing. What I've written for Ch. 37 belongs with 36. So I am now kind of finished with 36. It's a longer chapter than many before it, but such is life. 

I told you I hate putting my characters to bed in a story without a natural chapter break. Well, that's what has now happened to Ch. 36. The characters are sleeping and the chapter has a natural break. I am satisfied. I now have to cut some stuff from Ch. 36. 

There are times, when I'm reading my chapters, that a phrase or a paragraph or whatever rubs me wrong. It seems well written and carries the story forward, but something doesn't feel right. Usually, if I delete these troublesome passages, it works. That's what is going to happen with Ch. 36. There are a few places where I am uneasy as I read them aloud. I'll cut them and see if that makes the chapter stronger. I have some leeway, now that I have added a scene at the end.

Life is troubling.

PS - Started Ch. 37 -- again!

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