Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Computer Down

Since early morning Saturday. AT&T came out on Sunday and fixed it. Died again a few hours later. AT&T man came back today. Hopefully, all is well. *crosses fingers*

Went to my writers group's conference. It was pretty good. I'll find my notes and share later, but wanted to let you know I'm still alive. Though I did twist my ankle while walking the grounds of the conference's venue. Drat. X-rays today. Haven't heard the outcome. Used to be - you'd get an x-ray and they'd tell you right off whether or not you had a break. Doc promised he'd call, but it's now the next day and I still don't know. I'll go onto their website and see if the results might be there. I am walking like I was 98. *g*

I'm hoping my writing buddy will call and want to come over tonight. That would be great. I did edit Ch. 36. I'm pretty happy with the chapter.

The critique for the stranger went very well. She seemed very receptive to my suggestions. Another member of the writers group also critiqued her. We had about the same thoughts. This, IMHO, cements the comments. If more than one person agrees with me, then it probably means I (she) should review the thoughts and perhaps make changes.

Looking forward to bed. Foot is sore.

Life is sore. *g*