Sunday, August 26, 2012


Having folk read my story causes some major problems. One of my readers loves my dialogue. Another my action scenes and another my similes. 

The problem with that is that they want more. More dialogue. Longer action scenes. Similes to die for. 

I can add dialogue. That's not too much of a problem. I like writing it. For years, I thought I could only write descriptive paragraphs. Not so, not so. I do a mean dialogue. But it took awhile to get the hang of it. Now, I close my eyes and see the characters who are speaking. I hear them. Honestly. I hear them. It's great fun.

Longer action scenes. I get a bit embarrassed about my action scenes. I love writing them. I think I get proud of them and then I start thinking I'm too prideful and so I end the scene. Not fair to my characters. Or my story. I'm learning to accept what I can do. I'm learning to really blow up those scenes. 

As for similes (yes, that's the plural of simile - you know me - I looked it up - I had to do research!). Similes are hard. At least they are for me. I don't usually 'see' two different things. I see what I'm writing. Once in a great while, I'll write something and 'see' something wildly different that it represents, but not often.

*Scratches head* Must try to 'see' similes. I know I can do it. 

Life is an adventure.

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