Thursday, August 23, 2012

Twiddling My Thumbs

I hate it when my characters insist on a bit of sleep. Stops the whole story. Of course, I don't let them sleep long. 

Chapter 37 is coming along well. I added a great little action sequence. I do so love action. Then, it was time for them to sleep. My book doesn't have breaks in it in the middle of chapters, just at the end of a chapter. I do so love those little places where other writers put in extra line breaks. Or those little curly thingees to denote a new scene. !*!*! Things like that. 

I don't like to use those. I try to keep the chapter going until there is a natural pause. Then I end the chapter. Neat and quick and definitely not easy. Ah, to just change a thought or a scene with a squiggle. Not my modus operandi, I notice. 

It's like all the little things that I do to try to make the story tight and taut and flowing. As few adverbs as possible, one person POV, no unnecessary words, scenes that are action-packed, or scenes that are lyrical in their beauty. A challenge I have given myself, but I find I like the story better when I do these things.

Life is challenging.

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