Monday, August 13, 2012

Success! One Chapter At A Time

I have done it. I have finished Chapter Thirty-six. My gosh, it feels awesome. I don't have a clue as to why this chapter was so difficult. But it's done and in the can. Yeah! Right! I've got to edit it, but I'll give it a couple days to simmer. LOL  Sometimes, I think writing is a bit like cooking. Putting things into the pot, with a pinch of this and a pinch of that, and then letting it simmer until it tastes just about right.

Writers group was excellent. The critiques I received were very enthusiastic. One of the members said she can't wait til it's complete so she can buy a copy for her fourteen year old son. She said she knows he'll love it. What better compliment? Wow!

There were suggestions for changes, and I'm most grateful. Some of them, I know right away that I'll make. Some I'll have to ruminate upon. Almost every time I receive a critique, I learn from it. It amazes me. And fills me with a sense of security. To know someone has my back. 

I made that old mistake again. Even after 14,000 re-reads, I wrote the wrong name for the character I was writing about. VERY glad one of my friends caught it. 

I also presented my hook. One great suggestion was to take out the word 'abused' - they said it might take agents/publishers thoughts into an area I really don't mean for them to go. 

On Thursday, my writing buddy surprised me by calling. We met with great results. She said something that was really profound. She said that there is power in trimming. She's so right! Even one trimmed word can make a sentence or thought powerful. You know I've spoken of power words before. Now I've got to remember power deleting. *g*

Life is powerful.

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