Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleep Study

Had a sleep study test last night... hence why I didn't post yesterday. My mind was all aflutter over the test. I was not a happy camper, thinking about it all day. It wasn't too bad. Hardly slept though. *g* The technologist kept waking me up to fix leads and such. *shudders* Finally slept through from 3am to 6am. THEN - she woke me up. Shees! Talk about sleep study. Should be called wake study. Or interrupted sleep study. 

Besides that (I did survive the thing), I wrote the first chapter for the second book of 'Blue.' Honestly. I don't know what came over me, but the Muse screamed that she wanted me to do it, so I did it. 

I think the series should be entitled, 'Nothing But Blue Skies.' That does mean a name change for book one. I don't have time to think of such things at the moment, however. I want to continue writing Ch. 37. And also, I've got to input Ch. 1 of the new book so it's not lost. I wrote it on my handy dandy yellow pad.

Felt really good to begin the new story, too. I know where it's going and had a few more ideas thrown at me by the Muse. 

She is feeling proud of herself.

Life is fun.


  1. I hope it's helpful in the long run.

  2. Me, too. But I'm changing eating habits and such so I'm hoping, if I have to have one of those contraptions, I'll not need it for long!