Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I was reading an article about blogging and how I should be giving advise and such. One of the hints was to give advise about publishing.

Well --- I can't. I can't give advise PERIOD. I don't like giving advise. Who am I, I wonder. Even if I were published, I don't think I'd be giving advise. 

Showing(*g* not telling) would be more like it. I share my own experiences. If my readers glean advise or wisdom *g* from anything I've written (or will write) then I am happy. I'd like to think I'm helping other writers as I help myself. I guess it's kind of like talking to myself. 'Ok. You can do it. Yep. This is what you should write next. Whoa. Why are you making the character do that.' Things like that.

As I watch the Olympics and see how the athletes struggle to win, place, or show, and then see the struggle they've had just getting to the Olympics... well, that's what I'm trying to do with this blog. Showing my struggle in the hopes that it will help me to succeed. But also help you.

I'm hoping that my struggles (though not the same as my readers) will at least bear fruit in helping you as we go along on this incredible journey of writing. 

We won't have the same experiences or feelings or whatever, but someday, we'll hold a book in our hands (yes, I'm quite confident) and the book will have my/your name on it.

I can see it now. by Sharron Walsh. Whoo hoo!

Motivators tell people to 'see' their goal. I'm seeing mine. Why don't you try it, too? Can't wait to 'see' your book on the bookshelf.

Life is incredible.

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