Thursday, August 9, 2012


I suppose I'm supposed to be learning patience. Never mind. I am keeping positive. That's all there is to it.

Going out for breakfast now and bringing two MSs from my writers' group. They are last month's submissions. I wasn't able to make that meeting. I vowed if I joined a group that I would critique the things sent to me. I didn't receive any for this month. Makes my task easier.

I'm also printing out the last two chapters of Blue. Another vow (which I've given before - drat it all) - finish chapter thirty-six.

I'm off today, so I have the chance. The house is fairly clean. The laundry is done (except for towels) and I have no excuses left. *g*

Didn't meet with my writing buddy this week and that makes me sad. We do have such good times together. Hopefully next week.

Out of town guests will be staying Monday night. They were here last Saturday night and we had a great time watching the Olympics. The wife is a writer and we chatted about writing, but not enough. I'm gonna make her sit down and giggle with me.

I sent off my first twelve pages of 'Blue' for the SCBWI conference. *fingers crossed*

Life is full of giggles.


  1. If what you sent off is what you shared with me, I thought the hook you had with it was a perfect summary. Why waste pages that can contain story with more summarizing? The hook was helpful, but the story speaks for itself and the first few pages let you know exactly where it is going and why. Hopefully the critiquing person will want more like I did when I read it. ;-) Praying for a successful as well as helpful critique that will encourage you and help you move forward by leaps and bounds!

    Did you make successful progress on Chapter 36? *hopes*

  2. Yes! What I gave you is what I gave them. I am so incredibly happy that you liked it and that you want more. Isn't that the best thing ever!

    Ch. 36 is trying to kill me. *g*