Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action

Met with my writing buddy tonight. She shared what she's planning for the next chapter of her own tale. It's fun to 'watch' the creative process through another's eyes.

After that, and a bit of wine and chocolate and laughter, she read my next two chapters, fourteen and fifteen. She was effusive, as always, with her praise. And yet, and I'm glad she's progressing to feeling secure enough to tell me exactly what she thinks needs improvement. Tonight, she spoke of action.

Now, I've always been proud of the action sequences in my writing. I know I do them well. I know they are choreographed before hand. Yet, she says I don't follow through on many of them. And she's correct. She echoes what another reviewer told me.

I think I might get a bit bored after writing an action sequence. Or perhaps I want to forge onward to another part of the story. Whatever the cause, I have been found guilty (and quite agree) that I finish such a scene before it should be finished. 

The sword always triumphs. The bomb explodes. The dragon eats the victim. But the end comes too quickly.

I know exactly what she means. I'm going to go back over the tale and flesh out these portions. 

Ah - I remember that word. I've used it before. Usually, I have to cut stuff. In this instance, I must add. *claps hands in glee* I do so love a good battle.

Life is splendiferus!