Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keeping The Faith

I've got a friend who writes with such power and imagination, it blows my mind. Yet, she has not finished one book.

I have another friend who writes characters that you just love to pieces and weep when they weep and laugh when they laugh. It takes her years to finish one story. Even with gentle prodding from more folk than just me.

I belong to a writers' group where not one of them has finished a book or a story. They keep plugging along, but never finish.

I was watching a program the other night (Stephen Sondheim on Stephen Colbert). Sondheim talks about how you get completely lost in your work, the world disappears, and you often sacrifice aspects of your life, and you forget everything except finishing your story. In his case, his lyrics. It's all about concentration. The art never ends.

We discussed this kind of writing at Saturday's meeting. Some thought it wasn't good to give so much. I disagree. If you've been given a gift, you should use it. I haven't written with deep passion in a long time. Not since the little one gave up her naps. Also, I've been battling an illness for the last two years. BUT - I promise myself --

I will write with passion again. I will write with concentration. I will keep the faith. 

Life is forging forward.


  1. You have to decide how much you want it.

  2. I feel some timely prodding, somehow....

  3. It really does upset writing routines and habits when life changes. If we keep to our passion, though, we have to find ways of getting around those changes and getting back into the passion. I myself need to stop letting the outside things derail the writing passion and try to find a way to make room for the passion to come out again! It's hard when you're sick or stressed or tired or truly busy, but we have that passion put in us for a reason, so there must be a way to find it again to set it loose!

    Here's to being passionate again before the week is out! :-)

  4. I have to laugh today. The pain in the leg is the worst it's been -- and yet the Muse is clambering. Perhaps she's tired of sitting in the back - waiting. Serves her right, though. For all the times she's made me wait!