Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cupcake Wars

I watched an interview with Anne Burrell, author of 'Cook Like A Rock Star.' She had been a contestant on The Iron Chef and was sent packing. That's not what the book was about... but it's relevant to some more musings on life as an author.

Anne said she was heartbroken when she was voted off. Or whatever they do on that show. And it set me to thinking. (You might have noticed that lots of odd things set me to thinking.)

How come it is that a contestant on a cooking show like The Iron Chef or Cupcake Wars or whatever -- that deals in creativity along with talent and knowledge -- can feel heartbroken when she/he/they do not win?

And we as authors cannot? 

'They' tell us that we should send out our MS and then wipe the dust from our hands (like Macbeth's wife and the blood) and go on to our next piece of work.

Why can't we suffer for a bit? Why can't we feel sadness over a rejection?

Just a thought. I think I'll give myself permission, next time I get a rejection, to mourn for a little bit. Then, I'll go on to the next piece. 

Life is freedom.

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  1. I always give myself time to mourn. It's better than stuffing. Then I look at why they rejected it, and see what I can do to make it better.